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KAREN RAE WILSON Performances / Singer Songwriter Bio

"The intention of my songs, stories and performances is to be uplifting, unifying, provocative and inspiring – to create a lens through which we can see our world more clearly and connect more deeply with ourselves …ultimately to remind us we are part of a whole and that there is something ancient, timeless and beautiful within all of our hearts."


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Karen Rae Listening Selections

A Canadian of Celtic descent, Karen Rae Wilson is synonymous with soul. As an international performing artist she has sung, presented and performed at prestigious conferences and peace events around the globe.

This has included singing and composing for the Millennium Summit in NYC, and both the State of the World Forum in Belfast and San Francisco as well as the 4th UN Conference on Women in Beijing, China.

Karen Rae performed her original one-woman show, "MANY WOMEN, ONE VOICE" on the unstoppable power of the feminine spirit, to captivated audiences throughout the US.

As a composer she has written countless songs for many international events and concerts and is able to take any theme and turn it into music, songs and script.

It is not uncommon to see her sitting with spiritual elders and indigenous medicine people or singing and telling stories with young leaders and tribal shamans from far away places. She is what the Elders call "singing medicine."

"Karen Rae has on many occasions touched and moved her audience in ways that cannot be expressed in words; it is more about feelings and the experience. She has a deep understanding of the human condition and is able to portray that deep feeling in her art, her music and her performances."

Gary Hall, President,
One Earth Radio Association, Vancouver, Canada

Composing credits include: 

    Composing and singing ‘A Song for Beijing,’ a theme song for the United Nations Conference for Women in Beijing, China.

    Composing and singing a theme song for UNICEF, celebrating their 50th anniversary of the "Year of the Child,” Vancouver, Canada.

"Hearing your performance tonight I felt like I had been transported around the world…you brought the beauty of so many people and places into my heart."


Notable performing credits include:

    Performing for the President of Zambia and leading a world Peace Meditation on Lake Tanganyika, Africa.

    Presenting at the opening ceremonies of the Inaugural session of "Women of Vision" in Washington, DC.

   “Receiving the Blessings Tour” -  with African Peace Maker and Shona Elder, Mandaza Kandemwa and Jewish Shaman Dr. Ilana Berger, in San Francisco, Berkeley, Sausalito and Santa Cruz, CA.

    “Living With Compassion - a Day for Peace,” Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA 

    Bahai Celebration of Rizvan - Featured Artist, Vancouver, Canada.

Producing and Writing credits:

   “A Song For Beijing - The Concert,” a multicultural fundraising event honoring Vancouver women in the arts and media while raising funds for Bosnian Children, Vancouver, Canada.

   “Blessings and Grace,” a concert for "the Blessed Mother" - Artistic direction and performance, Santa Cruz, CA.

   Earthshine- an original musical theater production with a cast of 22 people at the Fire hall Theater, Vancouver, Canada.

   “Mystic Fire,” a celebration of the mystical traditions of Rumi and Hafiz, Santa Cruz, CA.

   “Journey to the Heart,” an international gathering of Elders and Wisdom Keepers from around the world, Big Bear Lake, CA.

    Pacific Aviation Foundation for Children’s Global Forum, Los Angeles, CA.


“Karen Rae Wilson is good at this. She’s an activist, writer and performance artist so you could say she’s an old pro at catching emotion.”

~ The Vancouver Sun

"Karen Rae's list of credits, speak for themselves. What they do not speak to adequately, in my opinion, is her depth of spiritual practice, her alignment with Spirit and the Truth which flows through her with such beauty and ease. Her presence and her gift of music will enrich your life and move you deeply, perhaps as in my case unforgettably."

~ Reverend Terry Shea

"Karen Rae Wilson has a brilliant gift to awaken the soul and uplift the Spirit with her amazing voice. Her lyrics and melodies are gorgeous prayers that soothe and enlighten those lucky enough to hear her. What a fantastic talent and wonderfully wise woman!"

~ Jacky Grace, Co-Host of the "Igniting Brilliance" TV Show



"Karen Rae Wilson is a master of self - expression. She sings with a beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking power and conviction.

Ten minutes into the show, one is mesmerized by Karen’s artistry, her inventiveness and her adroit changes physically, vocally and emotionally as she becomes each of these women. Their stories are fascinating. They nudge us off our comfortable and safe center into a kind of astonishment. We are amazed what these women bring to their lives by taking the leap into the unknown.

One leaves this performance changed inside and out quite satisfied. Good theater changes you, and this is great stuff. See it if you can. You’ll be glad you did."

~ Lon Eakes, Drama Teacher, Napa Valley